Arran Youth Foundations launches AMG video

ayfWe’re delighted that members of Arran Youth Foundations have launched their video review of our medical practice here on Arran.

Last year, we asked the group for ideas about how we could improve access to our younger patients, as well as any other ideas to improve access to healthcare on Arran.  Once we got past the more ambitious suggestions (including a rocket-powered ambulance to cut down on response times!), it became apparent that those in the video club could put their skills to help us out.

The video below is the result of their efforts.  The official glitzy debut will take place on Friday May 15th, but you can watch the video online now.

Arran Medical Group would like to thank all those involved in the production of the video, particularly Graeme and Angus, and all the actors/actresses, camera operators, hair & makeup, sound & lighting….


(If you can’t see the Youtube version, we’ve also put it on our AMG Vimeo channel)