BASICS Prehospital Care

Our GPs, and Practice Nurse Jo Earle, are occasionally called upon to assist the Scottish Ambulance Service to provide prehospital emergency care.  This can occur when Arran’s ambulance is attending another call, or when the number or severity of casualties requires additional medical input on scene.

All of Arran’s GPs are members of BASICS Scotland, and undertake regular training in prehospital care.  We are grateful to the Sandpiper Trust for providing excellent equipment to allow us to provide this backup.  NHS Ayrshire & Arran Civil Protection Unit also help with protective equipment and accreditation.  Dr Hogg, Dr Hamill and Sr Jo Earle are tracked by the ambulance service to provide a BASICS response whenever they are available.

amg-5This supporting role to the ambulance service is a common feature of rural general practice.  We see over 30 requests per year for BASICS assistance, and this is to a variety of calls including trauma, medical and paediatric emergencies.

You may occasionally see a car with a green flashing light; this is a legal provision for doctors to alert other road users that they are attending a medical emergency.  If you see this, please don’t panic, but allow the responding vehicle to safely pass you to get to an incident.

We try to ensure that trainees and students get the opportunity to experience prehospital care during their placements, providing that it is safe and appropriate for them to do so.

Here’s a video explaining more about why BASICS Responders exist, and the role of the Sandpiper Trust in equipping doctors and other responders to provide immediate medical care.



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