Missed appointments

Did you know… that up to 40 appointments per week are missed at Arran Medical Group.

mjogIn an earlier news article, we highlighted the pressures that Arran Medical Group is facing with recruiting GPs and trainees, and the impact that this is having on availability of appointments.

We anticipated that this will place more pressure on our appointments, and early indications are that this is indeed the case.  Our patients may have noticed that it may take longer to get an appointment with a GP of their choice.

Despite this, we are maintaining considerably better patient access compared with the picture across Scotland, and we continue to build flexibility within our appointments system to ensure that if you have an urgent problem that needs review on the same day, that this can be provided.

However, a recent audit showed that up to 40 appointments per week are wasted through our patients not turning up.  We are keen to highlight this, particularly as this figure is now approaching 10% of our overall appointment availability.  We cannot continue to accommodate this level of appointment wastage, particularly as these appointments could be used to see on-the-day emergencies.

We are keen to highlight options such as the text message reminder service, and will be working with our Patient Participation Group to explore any other ways to ensure that non-attendance is minimised.  Please remember that phoning in to rearrange or cancel your appointment will open that appointment up to other patients.

We will be reviewing how we can deliver medical services to patients who repeatedly fail to attend appointments.