Patient Group Meeting

The next meeting of the Patient Group is due to take place on Monday 20th May in the Lochranza Surgery at 7pm . If you have any issues, concerns or comments that you would like us to discuss please let us know. Listed below are the Patient Group members:

Fiona Brown


Shiskine Tel: 860314
Liz Rose Lamlash Tel: 601286
Colin MacKenzie Brodick Tel: 302329
Mark Harwood Pirnmill Tel: 850577
Julie Graham Lochranza Tel: 830247
Fred Shortland Lochranza Tel: 830610
Elma Stevenson Corrie &


Irene Markham Shiskine Tel: 860435
David Price Machrie Tel: 840267
Peter Randall Whiting Bay Tel: 700831
Janet Lacey Dippen Tel: 820210

You can also raise any issues with any of the members of the

group who will pass on any concerns or comments.