The GatePost

This is between you, me, and the gatepost.

We find ourselves referring to websites and useful documents during our consultations.  So we’ve put this page together to make it easier for our patients to see the resources that we find helpful.  The links below are to resources that we use at AMG on a regular basis, or factsheets that we’ve produced to explain things in a bit more detail.  The symbol amgthumb denotes a resource that we have developed ourselves.

Our social work colleagues have written a helpful guide on how to access their services.  You can view it here.

Instagram Links

In July 2018 we launched our instagram feed @arranmedical (or visit ) to highlight news and information about our services.  Follow us for more regular updates.  We sometimes highlight videos, factsheets and other resources which we can’t easily link from our instagram post, so these are highlighted on

Instagram Links

General Websites that we like to recommend



Blood Pressure

Bones, Muscles & Joints



Children & Pregnancy


General help

Head & Neck


Mainland Clinic Information

Men’s Health

Mental Health

Sexual Health

  • SHAYR (Sexual Health Ayrshire)

Social Services