How to…

If you are a visitor to Arran, please also see this page for temporary residents

Seeing a GP can be difficult to schedule in amongst all the other demands of life.  An increasing range of services are available by self-referral or by knowing where to go for further assistance.  Here, we’ve tried to cover as many of the common questions that we’re asked.  We hope that by providing this information, you’ll be able to get the assistance you need quickly, and/or make the most out of your GP appointment.

How to…

... obtain test results

Please telephone for the results of any tests you have undergone unless you are advised differently by a doctor or nurse.  Our reception staff are not qualified to comment on results, however they will be pleased to assist you in making an appropriate appointment with a GP or practice nurse.

Please note that we do have a strict policy regarding confidentiality and data protection. In this respect we will only give out results to the person they relate to unless that person has given prior permission for their release or if they are not capable of understanding them.

... obtain a sick (or Fit) note

For the first 7 days of any illness, you can self certify using a form from your employer, or the government.  , depending on whether you are self-employed or not. If you require a doctor’s certificate for this duration, this is considered to be a private service for a which a fee is applicable.

For longer durations requiring time off work, you can make a surgery or phone appointment (when it’s possible to assess fitness to work this way e.g. after surgery) with a GP to request a Fit Note.  This is an NHS service for which there is no charge.

If you are asked to provide a medical certificate other than a Fit Note, this will need to be in the form of a Private Medical Certificate.  Please be aware that – as with any GP practice – we are entitled to charge a fee for this additional service.

We generally recommend speaking to your employer about this further, and clarifying if they will cover this cost.  The only exception to this is where a medical certificate is required for proving absence from school whilst receiving Educational Maintenance Allowance.  As of February 2013, we have decided not to charge for this particular service.

... see a physiotherapist

For all soft tissue/joint problems, you can self-refer to the Musculoskeletal Service by calling 0800 917 9390.  You will still be able to obtain an appointment at Arran War Memorial Hospital or Shiskine Surgery.  If you prefer to discuss this further with your GP in the first instance, you can of course still do this.

... change my hospital appointment

Arran Medical Group has no control over the hospital or outpatient appointments issued by NHS Ayrshire & Arran.  If you are unable to make it to an appointment, you can change it by calling one of the numbers below:

Crosshouse, Ayr and Ayrshire Central appointments: 01563 827 070

Arran War Memorial Hospital clinics: 01563 827 070

Arran War Memorial Hospital – procedures e.g. xray, 24h ECGs: 01770 600 777

Physiotherapy or ‘Musculoskeletal Pathway’ appointments: 01292 665 005

... apply for a 'Blue Badge' for my car

The Blue Badge scheme is managed by each local authority.  You can find out more and apply online here.  Alternatively you can contact North Ayrshire Council on 01294 476 148.

... find contact details for local NHS services

A range of other NHS services exist on the island.  You can find out more by calling 111 or visiting the NHS Inform website, which allows you to search for all local facilities.  These services include:

  • opticians – who can deal with all acute eye problems, and refer to hospital treatment if necessary
  • dentists
  • pharmacies
  • sexual health services*
  • travel clinics*

*Both of these services are offered to some extent through Arran Medical Group as there is no island provision of these.

... obtain treatment for an urgent dental problem

If you are registered to a local dentist, you should contact them directly.

If you are not registered to a local dentist (or are on holiday away from home), you can contact the Arran Dental Helpline between  8am and 6pm Mon-Fri on 01563 578 664. During evenings and weekends, you should contact NHS24 on 111.

... request transport for a hospital clinic appointment

The Scottish Ambulance Service will provide Patient Transport for patients who are unable to take public transport to their appointment.  You can phone to book/request this service by calling 0300 123 1236.

Arran Cancer Support Trust (or ArCaS) will help with transport to cancer-related hospital appointments, including outside the Ayrshire & Arran area.  Keith Cheshire from ArCaS can be contacted on 01770 820 600.

The MyBus service is designed to provide transport to people and communities that do not have a local bus service. On that basis bookings are not accepted in cases where there is an existing timetabled bus service which provides a journey within an hour of the time being sought unless of course the individual qualifies on age or medical grounds. It also ensures that the MyBus service is not wastefully engaged in transporting someone who has access to other means of transport at the expense of denying travel to someone who enjoys no such benefit. This is standard across all MyBus services.

You can find out more about the MyBus service by  emailing  or by telephoning their enquiry line on 0845 128 4025 or 0141 333 4584 during office hours.

...give feedback about the ambulance service (emergency and patient transport)

You can find out more about how to give feedback, comments or suggestions about the Scottish Ambulance Service on this page:

... make a 'booking' appointment for a new pregnancy

You can phone our Community Midwifery team directly on 01770 601 249.  You may also want to take a look at the NHS Scotland Ready Steady Baby website.

... request a care assessment for me or someone else

Our local social work department oversee all requests for a care assessment.  You can contact them on 01770 600 742.  You may find this Care Info Scotland website to be of helpful interest too.