Updated information on the MyBus service

Following some work within our Patient Participation Group, we have clarified the arrangements regarding the MyBus service.

The MyBus service is designed to provide transport to people and communities that do not have a local bus service. On that basis bookings are not accepted in cases where there is an existing timetabled bus service which provides a journey within an hour of the time being sought unless the individual qualifies on age or medical grounds. It also ensures that the MyBus service is not wastefully engaged in transporting someone who has access to other means of transport at the expense of denying travel to someone who enjoys no such benefit. This is standard across all MyBus services.

Any issues or concerns can be raised by contacting Mybus – by  emailing dab@spt.co.uk  or by telephoning  our enquiry line on 0845 128 4025 or 0141 333 4584 during office hours.  The web page explaining more about the service can be found here: http://www.spt.co.uk/bus/mybus/