Appendix 4


Acute Prescription Request


  • Admin to add patients name to Pharmacist/Acute Request Appointment Template
  • Add reason as: SD – Shiskine

LMC – Lamlash

BHC – Brodick

IDL – SE (see emis)

NPR – New Patient Repeat

If urgent mark in slot notes

  • Add RX request details and collection location to EMIS consultation.    It is imperative to include dose/strength and frequency and any appropriate additional notes.   If patient requesting double as going away, need to know for how long.
  • IDL’s to be scanned to Docman and note in EMIS – IDL in Docman for meds reconciliation.
  • Pharmacist/GP’s will check templates/EMIS and process requests
  • Monday – GP’s
  • Tuesday – Pharmacist support (up until 2pm)
  • Wednesday – Pharmacist support (all day)
  • Thursday – GP’s
  • Friday – GP’s
  • LMC – BHC Prescriptions
  • At 10AM (and throughout the day) admin to check template.   (Note: GP’s are authorising and printing prescriptions they process.   These slots will be greyed out and marked as left and shouldn’t require admin action unless flagged by GP.
  • Pharmacist will mark as ‘send in’ (s) to indicate when acutes are ready to print)
  • Patients with reason – LMC or BHC double click and ensure correct patient details have been selected
  • F9/Prescribing – as pharmacist works remotely they will ‘issue without script’ or ‘store’ prescriptions.    Pharmacist will add data to consultation of action taken.    
  • Check consultations carefully as pharmacist will document if patient requires monitoring/follow up which will need to be actioned.
  • Print prescription and mark as LEFT (remember to empty stored scripts)
  • Check consultation for any additional information from Pharmacist or GP i.e. if request has been declined and patient requires follow up appointment
  • Shiskine Prescriptions

Please Note Dispensary will print Shiskine (SD) Scripts as above above

  • At 12PM All patients on template to be checked and processed in order to catch pharmacy script collection
  • At 1.30PM Shiskine Admin to change the Prescribing GP.    At this point, any unprocessed patients remaining on the template to be moved to the clipboard and reassigned to the following day’s template.   Please note we have Pharmacist support until 16.30 on a Wednesday and pharmacist will know to check Thursday template for any additional requests received throughout Wednesday afternoon.

General Practitioner

  • Lamlash GP’s – double click patient on template marked with LMC or BHC.     Admin will have documented patients request
  • Shiskine GP – double click patient on template marked with SD
  • GP’s to deal with request, mark in consultations of action taken and any follow up required.
  • GP to print prescription and mark as left to complete process.
  • If any follow up required, GP to leave as seen and admin will process any necessary further follow up