NHS Pharmacy First

Did you know that your local pharmacy can help you with a lot of minor ailments; and a lot of treatments are covered by the NHS Pharmacy First.

Care Co-ordinators

(Reception Team)

Our reception team are called Care Co-ordinators. They will ask specific questions when scheduling appointments to ensure patients are directed to the right healthcare provider. If patients have multiple issues, they’re encouraged to mention them so that our coordinators can book appointments with appropriate clinicians and allocate enough time for each concern.
We have a variety of appointments, please see examples below.

Patient Access

It is easier and quicker to manage appointments via our online service and order repeat medication. Simply log in and select an option.

Who do I see?

We have prepared a resource for you to use to find the best healthcare professional or service for your condition.

Appointment types we offer

Routine Face to Face appointment

A scheduled visit to the medical centre to have an appointment with a GP/ANP (Advanced Nurse Practitioner) to discuss health concerns, receive medical advice, prescriptions, or referrals for further treatment or tests.

Routine telephone appointment

Consultation over the phone with a GP/ANP (Advanced Nurse Practitioner) to address non-urgent medical issues, receive advice, discuss test results or follow up on previous appointments.

Urgent GP or ANP (Advanced Nurse Practitioner) appointment

Either by telephone or face to face with GP or Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) for patients requiring immediate medical attention due to acute symptoms, sudden illnesses, injuries, or urgent medical concerns that cannot wait for routine appointment.

Physio appointment

Thirty minute face to face appointment, with our physiotherapist Nicky, aimed at addressing musculoskeletal issues, injuries, rehabilitation, and mobility problems through targeted exercises, manual therapy and personalised treatment plans to improve physical function and overall well-being

Mental health appointment

Thirty minute telephone appointment with our Mental Health Practitioner Alana which involves a structured evaluation to assess patient’s psychological well-being, emotional state, cognitive functioning and overall mental health. It may involve discussions about symptoms, past mental health history, current stressors and challenges to determine an appropriate diagnoses, treatment or referral.

Chronic Disease Monitoring blood test appointment

20 minutes appointment with CTAC Nurse for a blood test and a basic value check which includes blood pressure, height and weight check to monitor chronic health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, chronic kidney disease or Asthma.

Practice nurse chronic disease monitoring review appointment

Telephone consultation to discuss and review current health status, review medication, discuss lifestyle modification, provide education on managing condition, address any concerns or questions the patient may have, and coordinate further care as needed to help ensure ongoing support and monitoring for patients long term illness.

Referral for further care appointments

There is no need for a doctors appointment for this, if you have been referred by the doctor for further care you may contact the hospital directly and speak to the secretary to inquire about current status on waiting list. If you are unsure of what number to contact, please call us on 01770 600516 and speak to our care co-ordination team for help.

Trainee Doctors appointment

Foundation year doctors work in supervision to assist senior doctors and specialists in providing medical care. They undertake various responsibilities such as patient consultations, physical examinations and involvement in treatment plans. They are overseen by experienced medical professionals to ensure the highest standard of care.